Email Marketing Subject Lines

There are a number of online retailers today that sell great products that people really want. Your business may be one of the many that have built a loyal following of repeat customers and made your products more affordable by leveraging the web.  Now you’re also using email marketing as part of your arsenal.

So why don’t customers read your email?

You’ve got great images.
Great. Images improve the experience but to see those, customers first have to click “display images”.  It’s a busy world. Most people don’t click that display button until they’re sure it’s going to be worth it.

You’ve got great copy.
Even better.  An inciting offer and clear call to action is of monumental importance. Once an email is opened the content of your email will either have your customers looking forward to the next email or looking for the unsubscribe link.

You’ve got a standard subject line.
Umm.  It could be as simple as your subject line. Does it says something akin to “news”?  Does it looks like something the sending software automatically populated? Is the subject line is the same every week?  These examples are a far cry from the subject line rule of thumb: make your customers want to read your email.  One simple change could dramatically increase email opens.

Why is the email subject so important?

The subject line is your glimmering opportunity. Your subscribers (whether current customers or prospective buyers) have given you permission to put your business in their inbox. It is the one place most people have a constant connection – at their desk or right in the palm of their hand via tablets and cell phones.  Luck favors the prepared so don’t waste the chance.

Emails that are opened are those that make customers immediately interested.

It’s there, in the subject line, that the interaction begins.  It’s there that you’ve either generated curiosity or have been dismissed.  Customers that don’t know what you’re sending will ignore your email. Don’t let it be over before it begins.

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